Spectacular email - trader that uses stops losses only after making a profit, but not to avoid a big loss. Also addressed is considering volatility in...View Details

The second part of my Successful Part-Time Trader series focuses on when is the right time to leave your full time job and part-time trading for a ful...View Details

Tools of the Trade

Ryan answers one trader's question about the different tools of the trade and what brokerages he uses, along with the software for charting and his co...View Details

So many of the listeners of this podcast are part-time traders and the demand of balancing a full-time job with part-time trading is difficult. This i...View Details

Earnings Train Wreck

This podcast is about a listener who grapples with earnings and how stocks will often times sell-off on some of the best earnings reports. Perfect exa...View Details

When you get into a new trade, you have expectations for what that trade will do, when you would like to sell it, where you will buy it, and what you ...View Details

Averaging Losers

Can a trading strategy that revolves around taking small profits, and averaging down on loser when they dip, work? In this episode, Ryan Mallory tackl...View Details

What happens when bad news and a bad economic outlook corresponds with a hot stock market that refuses to sell-off? That is what I am discussing in th...View Details

Trying to figure out how you can make time for trading while still working a full time job? I address some of the common obstacles that traders face w...View Details

Macro events after the market closes, or before it opens, can be extremely frustrating, especially when they are significant enough to take price well...View Details

Ryan Mallory takes on a trader who is looking for trades in all the wrong places. While highlighting the trading aspects he is doing correctly, Ryan a...View Details

Pump And Dump

The pump and dump is a classic scheme in the world of penny stocks, that has found itself into the mainstream trading will large companies going up by...View Details

Another tale of life on the Robinhood app. This time I'm coming at you with a good story of a trader on the Robinhood App, looking to learn with reali...View Details

Continuing to answer your most pressing questions, I took the time to answer one trader's email that touched on experience, learning and developing wa...View Details

Trading vs Gambling

There is an influx of new traders in the stock market since the Covid-19 lows were struck. But instead of trading, it is more like gambling on the Las...View Details

Robinhood Bros Beware

In this podcast episode I speak to a recent NY Times article on the success and failure of Robinhood App users (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/08/tec...View Details

Why Risk Matters

Risk in 2020 mattered for a moment when the stock market plunged in late February all the way down to its eventual bottom on March 23rd. But now it is...View Details

Feeling Left Behind

The stock market has seen one of the steepest and quickest sell-offs in history, and right afterwards it saw one of the greatest rallies off the lows ...View Details

Domino Trading Effect

Have you ever made a bad decision in one trade that has led you to emotionally trading in other stocks and trades resulting in equally bad decisions? ...View Details

A Bad Trade: Datadog DDOG

If you trade long enough you will have a few bad trades - actually a lot of them. I try not to just point out the biggest losers that I have ever had,...View Details

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